About us

A story told in wood

At Knots we believe every piece of wood has a story to tell. One of the particular stories we want to tell is the story of the rich cultural heritage of India.

Knots was born out of our founder's travels to Rajasthan, India's largest state, and the profound impact this ancient and venerable culture had upon him. It was a nation with a history as diverse and enchanting as its crafts and fashions.

It was in Rajasthan that he encountered the ancient artisanal craft traditions of 'The Land of the Kings' that inspired the creation of Knots. And that's why we not only seek to introduce this rich culture to the Western world; we also want to engage with fair trade and sustainable production values that pay appropriate respect to the skilled craft workers who produce our stunning products, and the natural environment from which these very products are drawn.

Wood is a living thing, and that is reflected in the unique character of every piece. Looking closely at the grain will reveal a whole world of texture, rich patterns, swirls and natural imperfections that captivate the viewer. It is the knots and other natural imperfections in the grain of wood that gives it its character and personality and gives you a unique and stunning addition to your home furnishings.

Let our story be your story

If you have just discovered Knots, we invite you on a journey of cultural and artisanal discovery, exploring the diverse creativity and design artistry of India from the comfort of your own home. Explore our wide range of products through our site. We guarantee you will find plenty to entice and enchant you, and bring the magic of India to your home's living spaces. Be part of a story of cultural diversity, heritage design, and principled, quality-focused bespoke manufacturing. Be part of the Knots story and you will find the luxury items to enrich your interiors and your lives down the years.